Clueless Customer Encounter: Nope it’s okay keep talking lady, I'll just clean this hazardous spill up, you know, whenever
Retail Hell Memories: Fastest firing in the district


Kai Lowell

Brings new meaning to "bun in the oven".


There is just something unnerving about stock images. So many of them have the dead eyes. Like this one. "Why the hell am I so happy about a bundle of bread?! Ha ha! Ha ha! Oh god I want to die..."

I imagine stock image people are actually not really human, they're some sort of sentient entities that have been enslaved to give us these images. Because someone somewhere needs an image of a deranged baker.


It's difficult to do a genuine smile on command, and the staged pictures like that are not likely to be early in her day, so it gets more and more fake as time goes on.

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