Dumbass Coworkers: Don’t sell what we don’t have!
Retail Hell Memories: The Radioactive Key Shop



That one at least is pretty obviously for comedy, where the others are supposed to be 'actually doing the job but doing it badly'...

Kai Lowell

I would say huffing more than drinking, but hey.

McHell Manager

I am hoping it's a Halloween costume and that you are able to fill the extinguisher with your preferred drink. Because other than that...what the fuck??


My brother works for a fire extinguisher maintenance place... an extinguisher like that would be filled with nitrogen and ammonia powder...


Anybody else ancient like and remember the movie Mr Roberts? The scene where they come running in to put out a fire and then no fire? Well I guess we'll have to drink this then! The sailors kept their jungle juice in a fire extinguisher. Great movie, look it up.

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