Monstrous Customers: Attack of the Serial Returner
Customer Encounter Leaves Lasting Impression on Cashier


Kai Lowell

Where am I supposed to fish then?

(Honestly I'd be more worried about the one that looks like it's telling you not to vomit there. I'd imagine most people really don't have THAT much of a choice about where they're going to revisit their lunch...)


"No fishing for brown trout".

Personally, if I was the person who had to clean it up, I'd much prefer someone yarf in the toilet so I can just flush it than all over the floor and walls...

Kai Lowell

My first thought was that their plumbing can't handle anything non-liquid - but then what happens if someone needs a poo? Are they not supposed to flush TP? (Although I suppose one could bin the TP, but that creates its own issues right there...)


Apparently some european countries do that because their septic systems can't handle paper.

An old Mother Earth News had some people who were composting the paper in a hamper in the bathroom, with earthworms. They were going to proudly show their friends how well it worked, and one line went something like 'As soon as she realized they were going to tip six months of used toilet paper out to show them she fled the house."

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