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Cashier Hell: Paying With Gigantic Bills



From u/splicerblade Tales From Retail:

The other day I'm working a long ass shift and it's slowly getting to the end of the day when my manager counts all the drawers and takes out all the extra cash and puts it locked away in the safe. Basically, my register has about two tens, a couple fives and some more ones.

Customer comes up and tries to buy a candy bar for 99 cents. First of all she doesn't even have a store card, so she would've needed to pay the full 1.29 but I just let it slide and gave her the sale price anyway.

She then goes on and takes out a hundred dollar bill and tries to pay with that. I ask her politely if she has a smaller bill but she says no even though I can clearly see in her open purse on the counter a couple ones and fives. I tell her that my register does not have any extra cash and that we need to get money from the office from the safe. She lies again and says this is the only bill she has.

I told her that we can only give change in fives and ones but she complains she wants twenties and tens.

Long story short we spend the next twenty minutes getting $99.01 by calling the manager, opening the office, opening the safe, and then counting out eighty dollars in ones to transfer from register to safe in order to get bigger bills.

And the worst part was at the end of the day she gave us bad customer service scores even though we catered to her every fucking need.

So next time people please don't buy a 99 cent candy bar with a hundred dollar bill at 10:30 at night smh.











McHell Manager

"She complains she wants tens and twenties"

That's when I would have said "Ma'am, we are a *insert type of store here*, not a bank. You do not get to pick what change you can get. If we can give you tens and twenties, we will, but that's not always an option"

Misty Meanor

I absolutely HATE people like that!


OK if all you want back is $30, I can take your hundred.

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