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From u/kimbooley90 Tales From Retail:

So I've been working at this grocery store for about six months now, and this is the first big blow out that I've witnessed since starting there.

I had just come back from my lunch break and started serving on the cigarette counter while my co-worker, S, was serving next to me on the 12 items or less checkout. While I'm serving someone myself, S begins to serve our co-worker, E, and then I over hear someone behind me yell, "Get off your phone! Don't you realise how rude you're being?"

I turn around after serving my customer and see that an older lady is yelling at E who is holding his phone. I should mention that E works in the click and collect department of the store and is required to have his phone (that was given to him by the store manager) on him at all times in case a customer calls.

E says something about how he's talking to a customer and the lady who is standing in line behind him starts bellowing her lungs out that, "I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE ON THE PHONE TO THE PRIME MINISTER. IT'S RUDE TO ANSWER YOUR PHONE WHILE YOU'RE BEING SERVED."

Meanwhile, S interjects with, "It's okay, I know him. It's fine if he's on his phone." To which the lady yells back, "It's not fine! It's not fine!"

E has had enough at this point. He grabs his groceries and puts them on the conveyor belt behind the woman and says that S should serve this woman first because she obviously has a problem. So S serves the customer, who grumbles the entire time, and then when she leaves, E throws the middle finger to her back as she walks away.

It's funny but I'd actually had an encounter with this old lady that day when I had left to go on my lunch break. She had stopped me to ask where to find coconut cream. I said that I wasn't 100% but I was pretty sure it was in the aisle we were currently standing in. She muttered something like "Ridiculous..." under her breath when I led her straight to it.

So as soon as I had heard yelling behind me when E was being served by S, I just KNEW it was this old lady because she already sounded like she was having a bad day.

EDIT: I should add that in no way do I condone the behaviour of E, who yelled at a customer in front of other customers and then flipped her the bird, I was just absolutely floored by the whole interaction and had to share it here.











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