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From u/OsoDePaulie Tales From Retail:

Before I start this story, I probably need to clarify something that’ll be in the story. My actual job title is “cashier”. I’ve never been through legitimate managerial training. I have spent my entire time as a checker working with the managers, so, my coworkers view me as a manager. That said, on to the story.

As usual, I work at a grocery store.

This week’s ad has a coupon in it for the 20 packs of major name brand beer. We normally sell them for $21.99. With the store discount card, they come down to $17.99, and with the coupon, they come down to $10.99.

Despite getting the heads up, our beer vendors haven’t brought in enough beer to keep up with the demand. As such, we run out early in the afternoon and by night time, people are complaining and demanding rain checks. It’s a store policy, a company policy, and (I believe) a state law that we CANNOT write rain checks for alcohol.

Tonight, it’s just one other cashier and myself. He’s just finished up with a customer when a middle-aged gentleman approached him.

Coworker is C, beer-demanding man is B, and I’m Me.

B: Can I get a rain check for the beer?

C: Sorry, we aren’t allowed to write rain checks for alcohol. It’s a corporate policy.

B: What?!? You can’t be serious?!?!

C: I’m serious, sir. That is the policy, right osodepaulie?

Me: Correct. We absolutely cannot write rain checks for alcohol.

B: This is outrageous! I work for (my company's name) and when a customer asks for a rain check, they get their damn rain check!

Me: Well, I’m sorry, but it is our policy, the store’s and the company’s, that we can’t write a rain check for alcohol. If you want to try the (insert street name) store, they don’t seem to care for rules. I’m sure they’ll do it. But we won’t.

He starts muttering stuff and talking about working for the company, this and that. I begin to suspect that he’s already hit all the other stores for rainchecks and he’s lying about working for the company. A crowd of coworkers is now starting to gather around the registers.

B: I can’t believe this... this is unprofessional. I want to speak to your Person In Charge!

Me: raises hand high in the sky, coworkers all point at me Sir, I am the P.I.C. and I’m going to tell you again, we will not be giving out any rain checks for the beer. It’s not happening.

B: Well... uh... I’m going to talk to MY MANAGER about this. This is unbelievable.\

C: You do that sir. I’m sure YOUR MANAGER will be able to do something about somebody else’s store. I hope it works out for you. Good night sir!












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