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From u/okayellie, Tales From Retail:

I work at a big box retailer that unfortunately had a data breach quite some time ago.

Anyway, this happened yesterday and I’m still a little salty about it. It was busy up front so I hopped on a register to help as most of the cashiers were new.

A woman came through my line with her daughter with a bunch of school supplies. She was very pleasant until it came time to pay. She will be L for lady, and I will be M for me.

L: (inserts her card) “I don’t want to give you my pin.”

For some cards, you can bypass the pin and charge as credit, for some you can’t. I’m not sure why, the card she had was actually the same as mine which I knew was not able to bypass a pin.

M: (Apologetic) “Sorry, with the “generic” bank cards, they won’t let you bypass the pin.”

L: “Are you kidding me?”

M: “No, sorry.”

L: (As she enters her pin) “I’m not happy about giving you my pin.”

M: “Uhm. Okay sorry, ma’am.”

L: “When YOUR company leaked information I was one of the customers!”

M: “That was not my fault.”

Her receipt printed, I gave it to her with a cheerful, “have a nice day!” She huffed and left, her daughter followed behind with tunnel vision.

Yes, it twas I, but a lowly corporate slave who leaked your information lady. Sheesh.









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