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From u/Beledor Tales From Retail:

A customer was complaining to our cashier that he couldn't find the blades for his razor and that's why he was buying a new one that came with 2. So she calls for someone on the floor to come help him. When I get there I see the razor he was about to buy. I ask him and he confirms he wants just the blades for this model. Easy enough, so he follows me in the aisle.

​On the way, he complains of how he already has 4 or 5 of the razor handles because he can't ever find the blades. When we get there I rapidly find the pack of 4 blades for his razor(s). I show him and he asks me if we have packs of 2.

A quick look confirms what I already knew, all our razor blades are in pack of 4, except packs of 8 for some models. So then he starts on about how he only wants 2 and 17$ dollars is too much for the pack of 4. He says it shouldn't be cheaper to buy a new one for 13$.

When he's done rambling he seems happy with his choice of buying another razor to get the 2 blades. I didn't feel like teaching him basic math so I let him waste his money and anyway he was satisfied so why should I bother.









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