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From  u/aTinyFly, Tales From Retail:

We have these electric gates which uses a mechanism to pull them down, you operate it with your key. The mechanism itself is on the outside of the shop, meaning you have to leave the gates a bit open while you're closing up. I am very short, around 160 cm, so I can pull them down fairly far and easily crouch my way in without problem.
The store is also extremely small, so I can hear more or less everything from the backroom.

So, I had closed up shop, counted the register and celaned up, it's 20 minutes after close. All I had to do was to go into the backroom and change so I could go home. While I was standing there minding my own business, in the middle of changing my tank top I hear a very distinct "Excuse me? Excuse me!". I was shocked- it sounded like it came from within the store! But it couldn't be, the gates were pulled down. I just stood there for a moment processing, then I heard it again. I threw on my other tank top and my jacket and slowly made my way to the door. Right there, in the middle of his tiny freaking shop stood a TALL A** MAN, at least 180 cm. I just stared at him in shock and disbelief. Remember, I am 160 and I crouch my way in, this man must have more or less crawled his way in!

Tall man: "Oh hey! Have you closed the register or can I buy somehing?". I mean what?

Me: "Uuuh.. Uh no, it's closed, it's been closed for the past 20 minutes..."

Tall man: "I see. Well, I see what I want on the shelf right there..."

He then points to it and there's a brief pause, I guess my stare got a bit on the pissed side because he suddenly said "but I'll come back" and then, as fast as he had appeared, he scurried to leave. It was not gracious at all, let me tell ya.

I just don't understand the thought-process he had. The gate was down, he was struggling to even leave under it so why he thought it was a good idea to enter when the gate so far down is beyond me. In hindsight I wish I had just told him something like "Dude, you need to leave now, why did you think this was gonna work for you?", but I would never have believed someone would actually do this in a store that's obviously closed. Sheeeesh








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