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Closed bitchFrom nekoyasha, TalesFromRetail

The store I work at closes at 11PM, 10PM on Sundays. This story took place a few days ago on a day that wasn't Sunday.

Everyone had finished up, clocked out, and was waiting to be let out. Once the store is closed and all the customers are gone, all doors are locked and the alarm is turned on. So when we having a closing shift, we have to wait, generally at the front entrance, for the alarm to be turned off and a side door at the front entrance to be unlocked.

This night was no different, there was about six of us waiting at the front doors waiting for the manager to let us out, about 11:25PM. We were chatting about something when one of my co-workers pipes up.

Co-Worker: "What is that guy doing?"

We all turn to where he is looking and see a guy outside looking at us, making weird hand and head motions. Nodding his head, doing the slicing of the head, and other motions which I didn't recognize or understand.

Another important detail: The doors have a line of carts going across the entrance and exit, blocking them. (Clearly we're closed)

We all look at this guy for a few seconds in utter confusion.

Me: "Uuuh, we're closed." I said loudly so it can be heard through the glass

Guy: Grumbles and turns around "That is what I was asking.."

We turn to each other and laugh.

Me: "What did he think we were all doing? Waiting around to welcome customers into the store?"




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