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Closing Time Nightmares: You can leave or we can call the police your choice



From u/PFSDonut Tales From Retail: 

Me and the supervisor for the night crew were closing the other night and an old man came through the door with a shopping cart along with a fan (in its original box) that we sell. He slowly walked in front of us to make sure that we noticed that he had came in with the product and then proceeded to rush towards the back of the store. We thought it was suspicious and continued to watch him through the security mirrors and saw him look left and right down the aisles and quickly switched the box that he brought in with a different box on the shelf and slowly wandered around the store. My supervisor goes to check the box that he had dropped off and it was completely empty and knew that he’s going to try and make a “return without a receipt” so that we would decline him and he’d walk out Scott free with a new item. We then thought it’d be super funny to bring the empty box to the front and hid it behind the register as we wait for him to pull off his grand heist. 10 minutes later he comes to the front and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Hello sir how are you doing today?

Old man thief: Good good, hey I brought this in you two saw me right? I’d like to return this item since it’s not working but I unfortunately do not have my receipt is that alright?

Supervisor: Unfortunately sir because you do not have a receipt, we’re not allowed to make the return I’m afraid I can’t do it I’m sorry.

Old man thief: Oh it’s alright I understand I’ll just be on my way then!

Supervisor: By the way sir, you said you brought that in correct?

Old man thief: Why yes I did you saw me didn’t you? I brought it in

Supervisor: Are you sure you didn’t...bring this one in?

-pulls the gigantic box from under the register-

Me and Supervisor: -smug grins on our faces-

Old man thief: -shocked look on his face- What’s that?

Supervisor: You know what this is

Old man thief: No I don’t this is very unprofessional how you’re accusing me

Supervisor: You can lie all you want, we both saw you, and we have it on camera so you can either get out and not come back or keep up the charade and we’ll just call the police and show them the video.

Old man thief: Oh well I suppose I’m leaving then -leaves everything behind and ran off quicker than Usain Bolt-







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