Retail Robin: And The Customer Will Still Mess It Up
#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob: Watching The Guy Try To Do This Job Would Be Entertaining

Crazy Lady Encounter: I'm leaving call the cops.



From u/GoldPlatedMilk  Tales From Retail:

So I work for a large pharmaceutical company as a manager. When I was first starting out we had a lady who came into the store obviously tweaking.

Now I'm used to dealing with people like this, just not this early in the day (it was like noon). She proceeds to grab two hand baskets and browses the store, no big deal. All of a sudden she takes one arm and scrapes a whole 4 foot section of cosmetic shelving into one hand basket. She then turns around and proceeds to wipe a whole shelf of cold medicine into the other, then beelined it directly to the front of the store and tried to leave through the front door.

This is where my Cashier stepped in front of the door and told them they couldn't leave without buying the product. This is where I stepped in,

CL = Crazy Lady

Me = Me

Me: Ma'am I can't let you leave my store.

CL: screaming Call the cops on me, I'm leaving stay out of my way.

Me: laughing No your not grabs hand baskets out of her hands Have a nice day!

CL: lets out wicked battle cry and leaves

I proceed to put the baskets behind the counter and head to the office to file a report. According to my cashier she came back in a few minutes later walked around the store looking for me and then screamed and left.

People are great.









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