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Crazy "Lady" Encounters: "That's The Number Of Death! I'm Not Paying That!"


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I work in a New Age store. You see all kinds in there. From people who want nice-smelling incense, to people who genuinely believe buying chunks of rose quartz and red candles with "Come to Me" emblazoned on them will make their soulmate appear.

I'll admit I don't know much about metaphysical stuff beyond the basics -I don't believe in most of what I sell, but I'm good at BS and have gotten by for nearly a year without yet memorizing which stones will make you rich or which stones will help with your kid's ADD.

So once in a while a customer comes in with "Advanced Knowledge" and I have to wing it until I look up whatever they were talking about, and it turns out to be an Actual Thing. Then I add it to my reluctant pool of metaphysical wisdom for the next time.

Take the Lady Who Hated the Number Four. She was your typical older hippie-sort, frizzy graying hair, billowing clothing, sandals, smelled mostly of patchouli. She purchased a windchime, two rocks, and and two packets of incense for her heart chakra.

Me: "That'll be twenty-two dollars and four cents, please."

Hippie Lady, who had been opening her wallet, froze, and abruptly shook her head.

Hippie Lady: "Nuh-uh. Ring it up again."

So I did.

Me: "Twenty-two dollars and four cents."

Hippie Lady smacked her palms on the table and stared at me.

Hippie Lady: "I'm not paying that. That's the number of death."

Me: "Um?"Hippie

Carolanne evil womanLady: "Two plus two equals four! And four cents! No!"

Me: "But it's twenty-two dollars..."

Hippie Lady: "How can your register even let that be a price?! I'm not paying that!"

Me: "Do you need to purchase everything at once? We could split the sale up, or you could buy another rock for a dollar--"


Me: "...how about you make a dollar and change donation to the homeless cats fund? I'll just add it to the sale total."

Hippie Lady agreed to that idea, and all was well afterwards. I had no idea what she was on about with those numbers, until I googled "evil death number" and learned that apparently four, and combinations of numbers that equal four, is considered to be very unlucky in Feng Shui and five is a better number.

Since then, I have used this wisdom to impress a few other customers when four comes up in their total, and I convince them to buy an extra item to avoid the number of death.




Misty Meanor

In some Asian countries, like Japan and Korea, the word for the number four is also the word for death, and thus is considered bad luck.


One, two, three, four
Can I have a little more?


At work we have drinks priced at $3.33 for members... well, you can see where that's going. Happens maybe once or twice a week, but never had anyone complain about it.


For Jofur: black yellow green red, can I take my friend to bed?


All together now.


Can I bring my friend to tea?

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