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From u/composite_event Tales From Retail:

In a craft store, handling yarn, get into a discussion about crocheting with a much older woman. We're bantering, talking about our favorite yarn and our projects.

Her: Have you ever made a tablecloth?

Me: No, I stick to blankets, cardigans, pillow covers.. I don't really use tablecloths. [ Nor do I know anyone who does, but I don't say this because retail manners.]

Her: That's because you expect immediate results and the crocheting thread takes a long time. I have drawers and drawers of lace I've made~

Me: [ Already trying to terminate this conversation because I have spent years on items my friends and family get good use out of and I don't see how doilies your grandkids are going to throw out is inherently superior.] Oh.. That sounds nice.

After a bit she takes the hint, but she must have lost it again because she circles back around to ask about thread, talking about how her daughter wants her to mend something and wouldn't need her to if she learned how to sew.

Me: I'm sure she could pick it up. I didn't start until lately and I can follow simple patterns and mend things. [ Just trying to get this lady to stop griping about her daughter.]

Her: Women your age are just so lazy now! Nobody knows how to do anything!

Me: .. Well, I'm sure you could teach her to sew..?

At this point she rolls her eyes at me and trundles away. Because obviously her daughter should have exited the womb knowing how to navigate pleats.






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