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From  u/Akiimari Tales From Retail:

I was working in the cosmetics department at my local discount grocery story when I noticed a long line of people at the registers and only two registers opened. I normally only ring up video rentals along with any other items that the customer is getting along with the rentals so I never have many customers, thus I offered to ring up an older couple with only some chips in their baskets at my department to avoid the long wait.

I lead them over to the area after which the wife says, “Actually.. he (gesturing to her husband) is going to get some grizzlys too so I think we’ll go back to the register.. I’m sorry about that.” Understandable, I smile and say no problem and wish them on their way. The husband, however, decided to make a dreaded retail joke.

“So do I get anything for free for coming up here?”

Didn’t say it rudely at all, just making friendly, cliche small talk I guess. Somehow I managed to muster up a quick wit and responded, “I can’t give you much, but I can give you this smile!” Cheesy, I know, just as cheesy as his joke.

He paused for a second, and then cracked a smile himself. “Well that’s perfectly fine by me.” And then walked away.

I honestly love my customers at this store, I’ve only had a few bad apples but we get many regulars and just genuinely wholesome people. I’m glad my cheery service skills got put to some use tonight.







18 Spears

Nicely done! Bravo (or brava, if appropriate).

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