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From  u/ian715 Tales From Retail:

So I work at the Service Desk of large grocery store chain on the East Coast of the US and this happened just a few minutes ago.

A younger couple (probably 20-30 years old) came up to the desk because they were having trouble using their card to pay for their groceries. Their transaction came out to $195.98. They said they just used their card at a gas station but for some reason in the span of the last 30 minutes, her card was put on hold according to her banking app. Since it was 9:30 PM on a Saturday night, the bank was closed so she couldn't call them.

I told them that if they would like to try to call the bank tomorrow, I would be happy to hold their groceries in a cooler for them. But then again, tomorrow is Sunday so they weren't sure if their bank would be open. Eventually, they decided that they should just go home for the night and leave the groceries in case they couldn't reach the bank tomorrow. I noticed a gentleman and his wife standing a bit behind the young couple to my left, but didn't think anything of it.

The young couple and I started taking the groceries out of their cart when the gentleman to my left walked over and told me to ring up their order. The look on the younger couple's face was unforgettable. They told him multiple times that he didn't have to but every time they said that he responded with "don't worry about it. We've been there too. I get it."

So he ended up paying the entire $195.98 of groceries for this younger couple and it was amazing. Both the guy and the girl started to tear up a little bit and I almost did too lol.

Anyways, just a great moment that I felt like sharing from the Service Desk.







18 Spears

What a kind thing to do. I hope they "pay it forward."


The gas station probably did something like put $100 hold on the card until it processed. It's a pain that many banks and gas stations now do.

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