Snorting Piggy Shopper Decimates Clearance Baskets
Return Hell: "I'm not going to fight with you..."


Kai Lowell

I see the individual.

I eat the individual.



Old Bay is a little box of heaven.


And Peta is such a bunch of dingdongs they've been upgraded to clangalangs. There's a twitter thread (that I've seen on Tumblr) where they give a seafood place shit for serving seafood, and after some pretty funny back and forth (Well, mostly forth; peta has the sense of humor of... well, peta...) the seafood place points out their 90% kill shelter, saying (paraphrased) "So it's bad for us to eat crabs, but ok for you to kill thousands of dogs and cats".

Tech Support Survivor

Meh, it's peta, they are a pita.

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