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From u/icantdrawcircles, Tales From Retail:

This happened to me last Sunday. An older lady walked up to my register and told me she wants to pay off her daughters credit card. She told me she had her daughters ID and her billing statement. This is how the conversation went.

Me: “Do you have her card with you?”

Credit Card Lady: “No, but I have her billing statement and ID.”

M: “Okay, but the statement does not have her account number on it so we’ll have to look it up in our system to pay on it. You’ll need her SSN and her date of birth.”

CCL: “Why do we have to look it up? I have the statement. This is ridiculous. I don’t know her social security number.”

M: “Well the statement doesn’t have her account number on it for security reasons. There’s no way for me to pay on her card without the number.”

CCL proceeds to call her daughter and explain how I won’t LET her pay off the card without her SSN. I roll my eyes and wait for her to finish the call. She then comes back to my register and punches in all the information on the keypad, the whole time complaining that I should have been able to do it with the statement.

She wants to pay a total of about $400. She sticks her card in the machine and it declines. She asks to try it again because she just knows there’s money on it. Finally, after the third time we try it I ask if her card can run debit.

CCL: Mouth wide open and eyes rolled into the back of her head“What does debit have to do with anything??”

M: “Ma’am, you can’t pay a credit card off with a credit card. You either have to use debit, cash, or a check.”

CCL: “Even if it’s a different credit card??”


CCL: “And why not?”

M: “Because that would create an infinite loop of credit.”

She gathers up all her papers, looks me in the eyes and gives me THE SALTIEST “you have a nice day” I’ve ever heard.

Tl;dr: Lady doesn’t understand how credit cards work.







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