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From u/roccosaint Tales From Retail:

I work as a department manager in a retail store, and my department is next to the pets department. Our pets department has your basic pets necessities, but the only pets carried are live fish.

All fish in live tanks, except betta fish. They are on the shelf in a plastic water container.

One day a few weeks ago, this customer calls me from there,

I go over there and she asks me if the price tag is for the fish AND the container. I tell her yes, that’s the full price.

She then asks me if they would be cheaper without the container. Wait... WHAT?

“Him, no ma’am. That’s the price of the fish, the container comes with them. She then asks why they aren’t in the tanks, so I explain how betta fish are different than others and they require a LOT less attention. She goes on how she just wants a fish or two on the counter, etc etc. but then she keeps insisting to have the fish and not the container they come in (minding you, the container is just a bit wider than a soda can and half as tall.)

This goes on for about 10 minutes. I had to explain to her that you can’t just carry the fish around the store, they need water to live. It’s kind of how fish work! She gives up and says she will come back later.

30 mins later she sees my friend who is the pets DM. And I watch the same thing unfold. Like me viewing my own past.

I can’t say my days are boring.






I doubt she wanted to carry the fish home without water. Most places that sell fish can scoop water and the fish into a plastic bag to take home so that you don't have to buy a container at that location. She probably already had a bowl or container she wanted to use and didn't want to pay extra for your container and only wanted the fish (plus water).


Yeah, but if it's anything like what I've seen in other stores, it's literally just a tiny plastic Tupperware-like container with holes in the lid. There really isn't any "paying extra" for the container. The cost is for the fish and the cup is useful to hold on to for when you need to do water changes.

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