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Entitled custiesFrom ExecutorHideo, TalesFromRetail

A little back story about my store, we're located in an odd area in the city where the large majority of our customers are from "the hood" and a small rural town ~5 miles away, and therefore, associates from other stores have dubbed our store "Hood-ward". Well we are also the closest store for a wealthy area of the city (houses start at like $3 million wealthy. We have even had a few big celebrities come into our store). Well today Mother Customer (MC) and Son Customer (SC) are from the wealthy area.

MC yells towards me-"You there! Come help us!"

So I walk over to the mother and son standing in front of the empty hole where we usually keep our sand.

MC-"We need 20 more bags of sand but there isn't any here."

Me-"Ah ok, my coworker (CW) told me you would be coming back for more sand. I have another pallet sitting just around the corner."

MC-"Ok good." MC points to a cart with bags of sand on it. "Are those the bags CW said y'all are going to throw away?"

Me-"Yes ma'am they are."

MC-"What's the best price you can do for me on them?"

Me-"I can give you half off as that's our store policy for broken bags."

SC-"Really that's it? Only half?"

Me-"Yes, that's our store policy. As it is, that would be saving you about 50 dollars."

MC-"Well CW said you were just gonna throw them away. Can't you give them to me for free?"

Me-"No, I can't just give them to you."

MC-"Well why not? We already bought 50 bags today. We deserve some sort of discount."

Retail slave soulsSC-"Well do you have a manager that can give them to us?"

Me-"No, we can't give away product. I can still call the MoD if you would like to talk to him."

I call the MoD without even letting them respond and MC looks terrified. Fun detail, this is the same MoD from my last tale and many other encounters with idiotic customers I haven't written about.

MoD walks out the door and towards us-"So, I was told y'all had a question?"

MC-"Uhh, yes. What's the best price you can give us on these broken bags?"

MoD-"I can give you half off each bag."

SC-"Why? You're just gonna throw them away if no one buys them. Just give them to us and you won't have deal with throwing them away."

MoD-"I'm sorry sir but I can't do that, corporate policy is 50 percent off of broken bags. That's the best I can do. At the end of the day I have to get rid of them even if it means throwing them away."

SC-"So what if I come at the end of the day to get them?"

MoD-"The best I can do if half off whether that's now or at 10pm when we close."

MC-"Whatever, we'll just take half off. Its something I guess."

MoD-"Sounds good, you folks have a nice day." And walks away.

SC-Snapping at me. Like literally snapping his fingers. "Do you have any bags we can put these in? I don't want any sand pouring out of the bags in the trunk of my Porsche."

Me-"Yes, I have some heavy duty trash bags by the register we can use to line your trunk."

Carolanne Imma punch your assMC-"No he said to put the bags of sand in the trash bags, not line the trunk. Weren't you listening? Just go bring the trash bags."

So I walk to the register. Slowly. Stopping to ask each customer along the way if they need help or if they have any questions, and there are a bunch as it's mid-day on a Saturday. I get back and they look extremely annoyed.

MC-"Hurry up, we need to finish laying out this sand before it gets too hot, and make sure you put only one bag of sand in each trash bag so it isn't heavy when we unload them."

And so I get to work, putting one bag of sand in one trash bag, while they just stand and watch. Not even helping open the trash bags. So I finish bagging each bag and push the cart to the outside register.

Me to the cashier-"Give them half off for the broken bags, and call a Lot Loader to load up their bags into their car."

I turn to the MC and SC-"Y'all have a nice day. A Loader should be out shortly to help y'all out. Thank you for shopping at (home improvement store)." And I turn away and walk inside where MoD is at the Customer Service desk.

MoD-"ExecutorHideo, why is it always you?"





I realize you didn't like your customer, but.......this is one of the few stories on this site where I can see the situation from the customer's point of view. You are going to throw away perfectly good stuff, but the most you can offer the customer is 50% off? I know you don't make the policy, and you are beholden to your corporate overlords to enforce their policy, but I gotta say it: that is one STUPID policy. No wonder the lady kept trying to get a better discount. I would. But here is the real problem here: the mistake you made was actually telling a customer that the sand was going to be thrown away. If she hadn't known that, she would have happily paid the 50% off, end of story, no more to be said.

Never, ever tell a customer that something is going to be thrown away and then offer it to them for 50% off.


They were going to throw it away because it's damaged. If they gave it to this chick for free, what would happen next time is "Oh dear, all these bags are damaged, help me load them in my car" as she pockets a box cutter.

I think this is why scratch and dent stores (used to?) exist, to prevent this sort of nonsense. But yeah, should never have said they were going to be chucked.


I am not advocating giving them away to her for free, not by any means. But - why not increase the discount a bit since she knows this information? She takes the stuff, the store gets money. She's happy, you're happy -which is a win-win if you ask me.


" why not increase the discount a bit since she knows this information?"

Because "what would happen next time is "Oh dear, all these bags are damaged, help me load them in my car" as she pockets a box cutter." along with annoyance of 'can't you give me a BIGGER discount?"

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