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Entitled custiesFrom Ludalilly, TalesFromRetail

Just got off of work with a wonderful (terrible?) story to share.

So this was in the intimates department of my store, and we had just started to get busy (That weekend midday rush). I was going back and forth in the fitting rooms helping another customer do a bra fitting. For context, bra fitting often don't require much work on my end, just find the right size, find some good bras styles and see which ones work best. However, it does require me to wait around a lot on the customer as I wait on them to try on different bras to see which ones they like.

Well as I was coming out of the fitting room, I came out to see my coworker facing a long line of people and one really ticked off customer. Now I wasn't about to jump in to help my coworker because I wasn't sure how long the lady in fitting rooms was going to be. I felt really bad, but I silently started putting back merchandise waiting to see if I could help in any way.

Now the lady at the front was obviously having a fit. She was trying to return some things she had bought in exchange for some other items, but it wasn't exactly clear what she wanted. She starts yelling at coworker for "being rude" and then turns her attention to me to get some help.

M is Me, L is Lady, LF is the Lady's friend, and CW is Coworker

L: Can you help me?

M: Sure what do you need?

L: So I wanted to return these items and just wanted to know that if I exchange these items for the ones I bought and they're the same price I can do an exchange right?

M: I'm not exactly sure what you're asking.

L: I just want to know that if these are the same price then I can exchange them right?

M: If two items are the same price you can do an even exchange.

L: Then I don't understand why I can't just exchange these!

Carolanne hammerCW: Because they're not the same price.

L: But she just said-

M: You can't do an even exchange if they're not the same price.

L: But I don't understand why you can't just exchange them for me. You guys are being really rude right now.

LF: They're not being rude to you.

L: Yes, they are. I just need to exchange these items for some that are the same price.

CW: All the items that are the same price are going to be over there. (Points to items that are literally right next to the register)

L: Okay so could you help me find the items?

M: We've got a long line of people right now, we can't help you find the items.

L: You're just standing there, not doing anything.

M: I've got a customer in the fitting room that I'm helping.

At this point I was furious, so I decided to pull myself out of the situation to go check up on the customer that I was helping. After double checking on her, and finding what she needed I decided to back into the line of fire to help the long line of customers. I got back just in time to hear the lady say to my coworker "I don't understand why you can't help me, I mean that is your job." Furious I did the most annoying thing I could think of while still providing good service. I looked straight past her, at the customer behind her, put on my biggest and most fake retail smile and said "I can help the next person back here!"

She went nuts.

L: Oh now you can help them! You weren't busy before, but now you're available! This is ridiculous, you guys are refusing to help me! I want to see a manager! Is there a manager around here?!

Jason chainsawI took the next person in line, and the rest of the group followed behind knowing full well that the other register was not going to be open anytime soon. The first thing the next person said to me was "I don't think you were being rude at all," which made me feel a whole lot better after listening to the verbal battle going on behind me.

Pretty soon my manager walks by and my coworker calls her over for help. I hear the whole situation be explained to her again while my manager continually apologizes for how the lady was feeling. I even heard the lady say

L: You guys are being extremely rude, especially that lady back there! (referring to me)

My manager took care of the situation by taking her through the racks and finding the items that she was looking for for her. My manager eventually checked her out and helped her do the exchange for the items in the right size.

The best part? At the end of my shift when I was retelling the story to my coworker, my manager was completely understanding and said that reinforced that fact that I could call her to kick a rude customer out for me if I needed to.

TL;DR Entitled customer wants us to baby her by leading her to the exact items she wants. We're too busy, we tell her "no", she throws a fit.




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