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From u/Morktorknak Tales From Retail:

So another glorious day in prepaid cellphone sales rolls around, and the customers are always the best and brightest /s

So this lady walks in and right off the bat she seems upset and we know its gonna be a tough customer.

Lady: Hey I need you to unlock my phone for me

Me: thinking they mean carrier unlock Sure let me see the phone... can you put your password?

L: That's what I need help with, I dont know my password

M: Oh well that's something you would have to know, unfortunately we dont have any way to unlock your phone here

L: Well you guys made my password, you should know it!

M: Maam we arent allowed to create passwords for clients, (but most of the time we help the client and have them write them down).

L: Well this lady helped me and she wrote it down for me (surprise surprise)

M: Oh ok then do you have the paper she wrote it on?

L: No I lost it

M: .... then unfortunately theres nothing I can do to get into the phone

L: But you have to! It's your responsibility to know it!

M: It was your password maam...

L: Yes but that lady helped me set it up, maybe she knows?

M: Shes not working right now and she gave you the password written down right?

L: Yeah but what does that have to do with my password?

M: ... I can order a phone through the warranty since you just got the phone but it will be 3 to 5 days until it gets here

L: 3 days? I have a life too you know! I cant be without my phone for that long

M: (Maybe you shouldn't have forgotten your password and then lost the paper) We can activate your old phone so you're not without one

L: Oh... ok then

I activated her old phone and she left without any additional complaints, but she was huffing on her way out.







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