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Entitled Customers: "You Are Beneath Me, And I Should Not Have To Talk To You"


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I worked an opening shift at the store I work at today, in my department, apparel. I was in shoes, but was kind of all over helping everyone, it made the time pass a lot better.

Anyway, my coworker went to lunch around 10 AM, so I was covering her fitting room and section. I get a call about 10 minutes after she lives for the fitting room. I answered the call, and I'll be Me for ME, and the woman on the phone... there aren't enough shitty words to call her so I'll just stick with W for woman.

Me: "Hi, this is apparel (we always answer the fitting room this way, it's kind of weird, but I was definitely cheerful and polite), do you need a fitting room?"

W: "Women's fitting room." click

I looked at the phone and hung up on my end, because the woman that had called completely hung up on me and also the tone of her voice was so weird. It was robotic, and also condescending at the same time. I was really confused as to why she was so rude, but whatever, usually when people call for a fitting room they aren't the most pleasant in the first place.

I head over to the fitting room from where I'm at. As I walk up, I see two women standing at the entrance to the fitting room. One of them is actually holding clothes, and the other (the one closest to the fitting room door) is browsing one of our displays.

I smile from where I'm walking at the woman with the clothes, but she just looks me up and down and doesn't return the gesture. I think I found the culprit on the phone.

I walk up and ask just to make sure:

Me: "Hi, are you the one that needed a fitting room?"

She just stared...at me. Not saying anything, but just stared. I thought that she was deaf for a moment, and felt bad for assuming she was rude, when all of a sudden, she looks me up and down with the most haughty look I have ever seen, and nods her head, like it was a serious inconvenience to do so. I had never wanted to laugh so hard in my life.

Jason ninja hangersI nod back at her, and turn towards her as I walk in the fitting room. We have to count how many items a person is bringing into the fitting room to control theft as well as just making sure not too much goes in at one time because it's a lot to clean up. So I ask her how many items she has, trying to kill her with kindness.

Me: "How many items did you have, ma'am?"

She looked like she had a couple, but really only had one. I waited for a reply, but apparently she was sticking with the theme of not answering when she didn't want to. I just stared back at her. Finally, she speaks.

W: "ONE."

She says it in the most uppity, put out voice I have ever heard in my life. And while saying it she was eyeing me up and down at the same time, giving me the once over at least three times. She really did not like me at all, and I still don't know or care to understand the reason why.

I couldn't contain myself. I actually laughed a little at her, because she was being ridiculous. It was like she couldn't be bothered to speak to me, because I was so low compared to her, but the dumbass didn't realize that if she didn't give me an item number and let me count, we'd be standing there all day, because in my fitting room, you don't go in unless I know how many items you have.

So, as I'm laughing slightly, more of a chuckle, I grab the number placard and hang it above the door I'm about to unlock for her.

Me: "Here you go!" I say, trying to hold in my laughter and failing.

She stares at me with the thousand yard stare as she walks into the fitting room, not glaring at all, just emotionless, and I honestly think she was trying to intimidate me, but it really wasn't working. Finally, right before I shut the door, she mutters in the weirdest tone of voice:

W: "Thank you..."

It wasn't all that rude, but it was like snarled at me. It made no sense. So, after all that all I could say as I started to bust up was:

Me: "Oh, you are so welcome."

And then I burst out into laughter and had to leave the fitting room so she couldn't hear me.

I have never had a customer so blatantly act like I was beneath them like that woman. I just thought it was hilarious considering how not beneath her I am. When people are like that, it just makes me laugh, because honestly, they have their noses so high in the air they really cannot see how pathetic they look, and it's almost sad, but really just funny. I've never laughed that hard at a customer before, but she deserved it.





I'm much the same way. When people try and pull that "I am so much above you" routine, I generally start giggling. Seriously, do they have ANY idea how ridiculous they are? Why on Earth should I care? I'm certainly not going to go out of my way for that kind of attitude

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