Malicious Compliance: Bad Customer Service Backfires
Closing Time Nightmares: But that’s a picture of your credit card...



Apparently it's only good for cooking Korean babies.

Double U Gal

I Love this.


American babies are too big to slow cook, you have to spit roast them over a medium fire to get good flavor out of them. Jam a rotten onion up it's ass first to cut down on the stench.


Thanks, TechTyger! I just launched a mouthful of coffee onto my keyboard.


TechTyger: King of Spit Takes

Also, if you wait till the baby is around six months but before like 3 or 4 years, you don't even have to worry about basting them on the roast. They're just naturally coated in a sticky glaze 24/7. Don't ask what it is, just accept it.


C>N=K error. ("Coffee through Nose to Keyboard"). No, no. You spray the MONITOR to show dominance. For keyboards, you fill them with crumbs, then in lean times turn it over and tap it out. Board chow.


Poor dimwitted robots that don't have a 'humor' module installed.

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