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Funny Customer Moments: Excuse me. I look for cider?


Jason 019zz

From u/JammyThing Tales From Retail:

Thought it might nice to post a funny story on here for change.

I was working on shop floor when a girl in her early twenties approaches me, she smiles and says “Excuse me. I look for cider?”

The store I work at is in a town of mixed ethnicities and varying cultural backgrounds, so it's quite common to have a customer who's English is not great.

I smile back, tell her no problem and take her to the alcohol section where I show her our range of ciders.

The woman looks a little shocked at this, she shakes her head, gives a nervous laugh and says “I sorry. My English not very good. I not want this. I want cider.”

I smile and tell her that what is in front of her is cider.

“No, no. I maybe say it wrong. I want cidre...sid-er...” The woman tries to say the word a number of different ways in the hope it might mean something else. At the same time I'm trying to think of what item there is in the store that sounds like cider.

At this point she gets an idea and pulls out a translation book, much to both our delight. She flicks through the pages, mumbling the word “cider.”. She finds the word she wants in her language then points to the English translation and says “Here, cider!”

“Ah...” I said. “...You want sausages.”

Turns out that her friends who could speak English better than her, thought it would be funny to tell her the wrong names for certain things.










"I will not buy this record, it is scratched."


No, no, this is a tobacconist. We sell tobacco.
Ahh!!! I will not buy this tobacconist, IT is scratched!



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