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Grocery Store Hell: Chocolate Ice Cream Nightmare



From  u/wildwoodmushroom Tales From Retail:

I work part time in a small town grocery store. One of our suppliers recently got sold to a new owner/group/investors, the second time in a year, and...they don't have their act together.

We have been out of everyone's favorite Tillimook products for weeks. No plain chocolate ice cream. We have Udderly Chocolate, we have Chocolate Peanut Butter, we have Chocolate Cookie Dough, We have Chocolate Fudge, But No PLAIN CHOCOLATE ice cream!

One customer called on the phone and lectured me. They would rather believe that we forgot to order the ice cream than our distributer fucked up. They want me to imediately tell the owners and want to know exactly when that ice cream will be available. This was four days ago.

Yesterday a customer in line had to hold up the line to lecture me about our failing the community because there was no chocolate ice cream. Didnt I realize how far they had to drive and how much they have to do?

A couple weeks ago I thought I might need to call the sheriff on a customer having a loud tearful meltdown in front of the freezers because we are out of his favorite ice cream.

Tillimook, what are you putting in the ice cream?

Our supplier is non responsive to phone calls.

It's the Chocolate Ice Cream Apocalypse
















Ralph Phillips

Well, Tillamonk is better tasting than Blue Bell (GASP!!! BURN THE HERETIC!!!)

So, yah.

(They can HAVE chocolate though for all I care, though!)




But now I'm gonna have to try some Tillamook. If I can find it here in the State of Blue Bell.

Kai Lowell

Achocalypse, if you will.

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