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Discount Rat: I Can Read! (When It Suits Me)


Discountrat1From u/undeadRobbyTalesFromRetail

Context, I work in a fabric and crafts chain that sells seasonal decor. Our Christmas decor is on clearance, currently at up to 85% off. Stuff like storage bins and candy are always lower, because they're still useful, holiday decorations or no.

A lady comes to my register with a pair of fabric storage bins, and is annoyed to see they're coming up at 60% off, and not 85%.

Lady: These are supposed to be 85% off.

Me: I'm sorry, the storage bins are only meant to be 60% off right now.

Lady: Well where I found them the sign said 85.

At this point I ask a coworker for confirmation, and she brings up a sign that reads "Holiday Plastic Storage 60% off". Of course the customer isn't happy with that.

Lady: That says plastic storage, these are fabric, I can read.

Not a minute later, after I begrudgingly adjust the price to 85% off per my manager's decision, she tries to hand me a 20% off your total purchase coupon, that doesn't start for 2 days.

Sure you can read. Just only when it benefits you.

And no, I absolutely did not honor the coupon.



Monstrous Customers: You’re giving me attitude



From u/SlothIsGreat  Tales From Retail:

So today I was working my shift and I was almost about to go on my break. I had to wait for my manager to come back to do so. Meanwhile I’m still ringing people up. This lady and her daughter come to my register and this is the exchange. M: Me BM: bitchy mom BD: bitchy daughter

M: hello! How are you?

BM: good how are you?

M: I’m fine. Do you have a rewards card with us?

you get the gist let me get into the good part of this. I just finished doing her account information

BM: do you have any coupons at the register that I can use?

M: No I don’t the only coupons out are the ones mailed to the houses

BM: Really? They usually give one to me.

(We are supposed to throw away our coupons. No one really does unless directed by a manager. I don’t give out coupons unless it’s needed so me saying I didn’t have any coupons was obviously a blatant lie)

BM: Scrolls through stores website to find coupons

(We don’t have coupons online. At all.)

BM: Will this work?

shows me an online shopping code

M: no it won’t it’s for online shopping only.

BM: and you can’t use it in store?

M: no because typing in random letter and numbers isn’t something our system will let us do. It has to be a barcode.

(At this point Im over this transaction and my voice goes from happy cheery to dull and monotonous)

BD: You don’t need to give us attitude

BM: yeah really

M: I’m not giving you attitude

BD: I work in retail I know what you’re doing

(Bitch I don’t care if you work in a fucking gas station bathroom or a multimillion dollar company, you’re place of work is not relevant)

BM: I want to speak to your manager

M: manager can you come here?

(Manager gives discount to people and tells them they need to have a barcode coupon with them next time they come in. You know the usual spiel)

I finished up the transaction. My manager has already come back and I clock out. BM is coming back into the store and rushes to the fitting room looking for something (I’m surprised I wasn’t halfway out the door at that point) she then approaches me as I’m by my register about to buy something

BM: Did I leave my sunglasses here?

M: looks around register quickly no you didn’t

And she leaves.

I really hope she dropped them underneath her car tire and broke them. That’d be the best good karma for a retail worker.










Crazy Customers: The Crazy Cat Man



From u/MeAmsI Tales From Retail:

So up untill a month ago I worked at a meat/seafood counter as a butcher. I loved my job and worked there for ten years, but the company got bought out and everything changed management wise. So I put in my two weeks notice and found a different job away from retail.

Before I left, we used to have this regular customer that would come in three to four times a week to get salmon and chicken tenders for his cat. Now, this guy was always super difficult. He only wanted meat from the back or try and have us break open one of our vac sealed packages from the shelf. He never spent more than five dollars and was super picky about what he would and wouldn't buy.

My store offered the option to have meat and seafood smoked upon request. But you had to place your order at least two days ahead of time because the two departments shared a smoker and we can't smoke meat and fish together for cross-contamination issues.

This gentlemen had recently found out about our smoking services and thought that if he called an hour ahead we would smoke his fish, regardless of whether or not things were already in the smoker. I should also mention that no matter what you are smoking, it takes a few hours. The smoker only gets up to a temp of two-fifty. So I talked to him a few times about our special orders policy. Told him that if he wanted smoked items then he would have to place a standing order and that we can't do special smoked orders on weekends due to catering orders that come down from corporate.

I thought that he understood. But no. He talked to my manager, who told him the same thing I did. Then he talked to my store manager who told him the same thing I did. Then he e-mailed corporate and told them that we were mistreating him because we didn't listen to his needs.

Corporate sent a letter to us telling us to try and make this customer happy even if it means making other people sick. I told the customer that I would not make people sick no matter what corporate told me and that I would call the health department and use his letter against him and the company.

I will not make people sick just for a few dollars,or for some stupid corporation.