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Interview Hell: Quit Lying About An Injury And Take Notes!


InterviewhellFrom RHUer

Several years ago I was attacked by two dogs and had torn up my right (dominant) hand pretty badly. I had stitches everywhere, and my hand was bandaged up in ways that would make a mummy jealous. I was at the office, catching up on some work on a Saturday; pecking away at the keyboard with my other hand and functional but contented on pain pills.

The phone rings, and I answered, because I thought it might be my wife.

Some guy was checking up on his application. He would not accept calling back on Monday and speaking to the hiring manager. He insisted on leaving a message with me, even after I told him about my hand. He berated me for lying about an injury and for being lazy and for not taking a message (left unsaid: "like a good little peon") and told me that if I didn't write the note, he would tell my boss how horribly rude and lazy I was.

So I took the message.

Spoiler alert: I was second in charge of the company at that time, the only person above me was the owner. (Owner was in favor of letting my hand heal, but I was a workaholic at the time and felt I could do at least some minimal work with my non dominant hand.)

I left my own note on the message, "DO NOT HIRE, CANNOT FOLLOW SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS!"




Misty Meanor

Serves him right!


I don't get these people sometimes. Recently i had job applicant who bought ten disposable drug tests the same day they dropped off their application. I watched as my manager tore up the guys paper, and throw it in the trash.

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