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Jewelry Store Hell: Why can’t I have your engagement ring?!


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From u/elizabethjp2010  Tales From Retail:

I work in a fine jewelry store

My interaction with customers that just left

Him “well we want to go get married now so we need a size 5.”

Me “unfortunately all our rings will be stock size 7.”

Him “well... what about that one on your hand.”

Me holds up Mens ring they had just looked at “ this is a men’s so it’s a 10”

Him points at my engagement ring “no that.”

Me”my engagement ring? It’s a size 5.” Him “well we will just take that.”

Me”it’s not for sale. It’s my engagement ring.”

She gets annoyed and they speak Spanish Him “well this is insane and we’ll just go somewhere else in that case.”

I honestly can’t...

From my phone sorry for format

Edit: I’m cracking up at all the should have given them a price statements, but I am the store manager so I could lose my job if I gave a price and they call my customer care team about it






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