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Malicious Compliance 2From u/red_nutsMaliciousCompliance

About 20 years ago, I was a programmer for a company which provided contract services to other companies. So, I'd get a gig, work it for a few months, then the salesman would find me another gig.

My previous contract had been fulfilled, and I was on the bench waiting for another gig along with an unusually large number of my colleagues. The salesmen (I use that term because at that company they were all men) were frantic, trying to make all of the benched employees profitable again.

A salesman (Jim) came to me and said "I have an interview for you at (big credit card company in Phoenix) next week". I told him that I had a planned vacation.

Jim almost had a stroke. "Why didn't you tell me about your vacation?" Of course, I had told him. Reminded him several times in fact. And I reminded him once again.

"Well you call me as soon as you're back in town", he said angrily, and he gave me his home number.

You know how airlines are. They promise you'll be back at a certain time, then weather happens, and crews timeout, and maintenance is required on the jet. Because of delays, I didn't get back home until about 2 in the morning on a Sunday night.

I had strict instructions. I found Jim's home number and dialed it. A woman's voice sleepily answered "hello"? This was Jim's wife. I was loving this.

"Hi! this is red_nuts from (mumblety) Corporation. Can I talk to Jim please?"

She put Jim on, and I said "This is red_nuts, I'm back from my vacation!" He asked me why I was calling him so late. "I'm calling because you told me to, and you gave me your home number!" I was being as perky as I could be at 2AM.

"Red_nuts, I'll see you tomorrow"

I did not get into any trouble whatsoever for following his instructions exactly.




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