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Justice Served: Never Mistreat Employees With Connections


JUSTICE SERVED 1From mwhalen1970, TalesFromRetail

Many years ago, at a bar near my school, the owner forced a bouncer to let one of his underage friends in.

There was an undercover cop there that night, and the bouncer got a hefty fine and all the other fun consequences of that.

The owner wouldn't help out at all, saying basically, "You let him in, it's your problem."

The bouncer was also a member of a fraternity. One that actually managed to get along with most of the other fraternities. A huge percentage of the bar's business came from fraternities. Word spread quickly.

Within a week, business was off by more than 50%. Within three months, business was so bad the bar had to close.

The owner kept the property and leased it to someone else for five years. Then he took it back over and reopened the bar (changing it back to the original name for some dumb reason) hoping that everyone involved had graduated. While most had, what had happened was still well known.

He got a little business back, but he finally had to sell the property a year or two later when he finally realized just how badly he had fucked up.




Reminds of the restaurant in San Diego that raised their prices (quite a bit) for ComicCon - and left the signage with the original prices up for all to see.

The building was empty the next year. The next year, it was a different restaurant. The next year, it was some sort of dance club. The next year, the building was gone. Last time I was down there (though it has been a few years), the lot was still empty. (Most ComicCon attendees are locals, and many have been going for 40 years, and they *never* forget)

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