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JUSTICE SERVED 3From kiwi-ms, TalesFromRetail

I worked at a bank and was always there first to deactivate the alarm. Then we would let staff in as they arrived. This would be about an hour before we opened.

One day had a customer barge in when a staff member came in and refuse to leave. I explained that the vault was still locked and we weren't open. I stood in his way and wouldn't let him past the doors. I'm only 5.3 he was 6.2 but I wouldn't back down; I was the senior staff member on site at the time.

I had to threaten to call the police to get him to leave, and he threatened to come back with a shotgun to sort me out. Had to do a police report, but of course we knew who he was. Found out he didn't even have any guns.

His accounts were ultimately closed and a cheque sent to him for his $$. And the police did charge him for threatening behaviour. Not sure the outcome of the police charge, but having to reapply at another bank could take some time, so the cheque couldn't be used till a new bank open accounts for him.

No cash available for him for a while because he had to wait to receive the cheque through the mail, so no cards or credit card. I like to think that was a miserable wait.




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