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Justice Served: You Trash Talked Her To Who?!


JUSTICE SERVED 2From shutterbvg, AskReddit

When I first started dating a guy I went to high school with, E, I hit it off with his best friend pretty well... At the start, anyways. We’ll call him T. He seemed pretty legit at first- we always gave each other shit during video game nights, which were pretty damn frequent, and as far as I could tell, we were friends.

Til I casually one day mentioned being autistic.

He began harassing me after that. Always over Facebook messenger, always really hateful stuff about how I was making my diagnosis up for attention. He even at one point told me that even if I showed him the papers with the diagnosis from the therapist I saw when I was a kid, he wouldn’t believe me.

I eventually cracked when T wouldn’t let up and showed E, who ended the friendship (of his own choice, mind you. Important for later.)

Fast forward to a few years later. Me and E have broken up, he’s friends with T again, and the two of them are running a computer shop downtown together. My mom (who knows the whole situation with T, but who has never met him) goes in to get a repair done on a computer of hers. E’s not there, but T is.

They get to talking and T is just making small talk, eventually asking her how she knows E. She mentions (purposefully vague) that he used to hang out at her house with her kids and their friends every day after school.

T asks ‘which friends?’

And my mom starts naming them all off... And says my name last.

She told me he looked as if he’d just eaten a lemon at the mention of me.

And his reply? ‘Can I just say I DESPISE shutterbvg? She’s a compulsive liar and she tried to turn E against me, wouldn’t let him talk to me or anything.’

She said he went on about me for the entire time he worked on her computer- which was a good ten minutes.

She just sat there and listened, not saying a word.

Finally, as they were finishing up, he started to kinda get hit with realization because he pauses and asks... ‘So how do you know shutterbvg, anyways? Are you guys close...?’

Mom: ‘Oh yeah, I’d say we are. I’m her mother, after all.’

He didn’t charge her a cent for the work.

I literally howl-laughed into the phone when she told me all this. Most satisfying shit of my life.





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