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Malicious Compliance 3From u/Danigirl_03MaliciousCompliance

So this isn't my story but my mom's. Woman is the master of malicious compliance and pettiness when someone pisses her off.

So when I was about 9 my mom was involved in a car accident that wasn't her fault. But destroyed our car. The car was a complete write off. It was about 2 weeks before our scheduled summer holidays and mom just wanted the replacement value of the car she had another car all picked out. She just needed her check from our provincial insurance to pay for it.

The difference of what they were fighting about was about $400 back in 1994. And my mom was bound and determined she was getting the full replacement value. She just wanted to get a new car so she could take us camping for our holidays.

The insurance adjuster declined mom 3 times. And she was just getting more and more pissed off. She had every single piece of documentation for the value of her car and the replacement costs and that was all she wanted.

As a last ditch effort she even tried reasoning with the adjuster that she had 3 small girls and she just wanted this sorted so she could take her girls on holiday. His exact words were you can have your holiday in the office here for all I care, it's not my problem this is our final offer.

Well my mom took that as a dare. Bright and early Monday morning mom showed up at the insurance adjusters office with a picnic lunch and three girls with toys in hand to have her holiday right there in the office. They're a crown corporations (province owned) and their office and lobby spaces were classed as a public area back then. So they couldn't make her leave.

So a 9, 7 and 5 year old are playing quite happily and rambunctiously since we'd been told we were on holiday and didn't need to use our going out manners. Which I'm sure you can imagine isn't quiet at all.

Freddy2 049The insurance adjuster called the police to have us removed and show up only to greet my mom by name, since she cut their hair and explain to them that it's a public service office and they can't force us to leave unless we enter an employee only area or stay outside of business hours. One of the officers even sat down with us and was having a cup of pretend tea at our tea party.

My mom proceeded to tell every customer who asked for the whole morning that she just wanted replacement value for her car. She was just a poor single mom with three kids and they'd made it so we couldn't go camping on holiday but the adjuster had kindly offered to let us have our holiday in their office. With a big shit eating grin every single time.

About 1:30pm it's time for nap time for my youngest sister. But of course it's too loud, too bright and she's ridiculously over stimulated and also tired and needs that nap. So like most overstimulated and tired children she kicks off in a huge sobbing tired tantrum. Full volume sobbing about how she wants to sleep and go camping. She easily went full volume for at least 30 minutes. My mom didn't bother to quiet her just soothed her back.

At that point the division manager came out and asked to speak to my mom. So I got told to stay put and mind my sisters for a minute. My mom came out 5 minutes later full value check in hand a big smile on her face, thanked the manager. Packed us up, picked up my sobbing baby sister.

Took us home called the sitter to come over and came back 2 hours later with our new to us car with a brand new hitch to tow our hard top tent trailer, packed and ready to go and we set off to go camping.




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I really loved this and enjoyed reading your writing.

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