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Malicious Compliance 2From u/XyzarMaliciousCompliance

Not realy my story but from a colleague from work that is an EMT.

One time they got a call from a family practitioner stating that they must come quickly, because they have a patient with ebola. 

Now, this doctor often called the ambulance over all sorts of shit and crazy diagnosis. We have a folder in the ER were we write down the patients she sends in, and we call the folder "the wailing wall". This was also during the ebola-outbreak sometime in 2015 so there were procedures for if you had a suspected ebola patient.

So my colleague, knowing that it was this doctor who called in, immediately started going malicious compliant.

He told her that they will come with the special Ebola ambulance. He then asked if the patient is in a secured sealed off room with a secure door they could get the patient from.

The doctor started to sound insecure and hadn't thought of that.

The EMT then asked if the whole practice have now been sealed off, and all patients that are now in the facility have been informed that they cannot leave until the full team have come to contain the suspected outbreak, according to the contamination protocol.

Now the doctor noticed that she was way over her head and stated that it probably wasn't ebola anyways.

In the end the patient got normally to the ER for the fever he/she got, and it was revealed that the patient hadn't even been near a country with ebola outbreak.




EmergencyTech(Formerly CasinoEMT)

I once got called for a suspected tuberculosis patient, the office called it in as a “sick call”. (Tuberculosis is highly contagious and hangs in the air for up to 48 hours). Get to the doctors office to be told what we were there for. Patient is standing in the middle of triage with other patients and their families. Patient should have been put in a room alone or at least had a respiratory mask on. But nope. Put him with every one else and possibly infect every single person in the room as well as us. The nurse there said they “couldn’t find the masks” so not a single person had one on. Including staff. They then rolled their eyes at me when I refused to take the patient until myself my partner and the patient had a mask that I had to go and get from the ambulance. Thankfully he didn’t have it, even though he had all the symptoms. (Coughing blood, just got out of jail...)

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