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Mistaken Identity: Apparently I'm not allowed red shirt and dress pants to Target




From u/Flailed I Don't Work Here Lady:

So, for the second time, the other day, I went to Target after work. I rarely go to Target as it's farther away than the other stores. I recently moved and realized that I don't have a toothbrush holder. I was wearing my red and black teacher clothes but was not wearing anything directly Target related.

Of course, for the kids, I stopped to check the clearance clothes section. Y'know, just in case.

"Excuse me, do you know where I would find a step stool?"

Oh. It happened again. I was standing in the same exact spot as about six months ago. I was wearing the same shirt. Apparently if you accidentally knock something off of the rack and put it back, you're a Target worker.

"Well, I don't work here, I can help you." I explained where the step stool was. She found it. Hell yeah. +1 for team parenting.

I go around the store and find what I need. I am walking and pushing a cart with a few things in it. A different lady walks past me.

In the snarkiest voice, she says: "Uh, you really shouldn't be wearing that here."

Me: ".........."

You see, it's not like she was looking for help. I totally would have helped her.

I kept my cool, though, guys. No one was injured that day.








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