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Mistaken Identity: I checked the expiration dates before I came here!



From u/ajamuso  Tales From Retail:

A few years ago in my retail days at the now defunct toy store empire, an older looking couple came in with a few toddler aged items. She more or less shoves them at me and slams two coupons on top for her items. I take one look at them and begin to say :

Me: “Ma’am I cannot accep-“

Old lady: “I ALREADY CHECKED the expiration date before I came here! They’re still valid you HAVE to accept them.”

Me: “ No but-“

Old lady: “Look at the date! Can you not read?!”

Me: “These coupons are for Target.”

Not another word was said by either for the entire transaction as I rang up her items and she swiped her card. Felt good honestly with all the harassment I put up with regularly.









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