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From u/Clever_BigMack Tales From Retail:


This happened a few days ago. I work at a cell phone retailer that has several ways you can pay a bill in store. We have systems where we can look up your account on a tablet to see a more detailed bill breakdown or a bill pay system where we just type in your number and it shows how much you owe.

Customer (40 year old man) walks in while we have a small line and sits down to wait. 5 minutes go by and he starts to get pretty agitated. 10 minutes go by and I finish up with my last customer and approach him as he is almost visibly angry.

Me: hey sir, how can I....

Customer: 353-444-3534

Me: (not having a tablet in my hands or be anywhere near the computer) ok. What brings you in today.

Customer: I just TOLD you I need to pay my bill. 353-444-3534

Me: um... alright, let’s just go to the computer over here. (Walk over to computer and pull up the system). What was your number?

Customer: seriously!? 353-444-3534

Me: it’s not pulling anything up, are your sure that’s your number?

Customer: yes of course! I pay my bill here every month! Why can’t you people ever just do your jobs!?

Me: let me pull it up in our other system. (Go get tablet and try to pull it up.) Sir it says you don’t have an account with us.


Me: let me see your phone sir.

Customer: why do you need to see my phone to pay a bill!?

Me: I just want to check something. (Customer hands me the phone). Sir you have Verizon. You need to go down the steet.

Customer: this IS Verizon.

Me: no sir, this is _____. (Points to my shirt, the wall, and the sign on the front door).

Customer: mutters “why can’t you ever just do anything right” as he walks out the door

I’m still not sure if he was asking me or himself when he left








Burly Goontar

I know it is difficult to deal with me, but you only have to do it for fifteen minutes. I have to deal with me all day, and it's like this ALL DAY, every day!

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