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I work at a gas station that is part of a grocery store chain. Twice a day we go to the main store and use a handheld gun to electronically send inventory from the main store to the gas station then stock it ourselves.

Well, we wear the same uniform as the employees who work in the store, so all the customers see is an employee holding a "price gun", usually behind the customer service desk because that's where the cigarettes are and we usually sell those the most. Unless you're a transfer, we aren't trained to do anything in the main store. I have just as good of an idea of where things are in the store as a regular customer. I don't know how to do a Western Union, and even if I did, I'm not allowed to and I'm not allowed to hand cigarettes to customers.

I'll be in the middle of scanning inventory to send to the gas station and someone will come up with something and ask me to price check it. Then I have to explain that I don't know how, that I also can't back out of the process I'm doing on the gun without messing everything up and I direct them to customer service and boy do they not like that.

One lady actually went and complained about me because I was "lazy and rude" because I "refused to help her" with her Western Union, I called for someone else to come do it. Even though I explained to her that I'm not allowed to nor do I know how to assist her.

I overheard two guys talking about me one night as I was getting cigarettes, they had been waiting for the customer service person to arrive (I'd already told them I'm unqualified to help and paged him in front of them) and they were extremely angry that I was scanning things instead of assisting them. "She's literally right there, what a bitch". "I know man, wtf?" It was so liberating when they complained to the customer service clerk about me while I was still right there and he goes "yeh, she's from the gas station and they aren't allowed to do anything back here".

I really wish we'd get different uniforms, our name tags say "fuel" in tiny letters under our names but probably nobody knows what that means if they even notice it.






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