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From u/Tech_Assassin I Don't Work Here Lady:

Little backstory - I work for a very popular ferry company in the UK that travels Dover - Calais and on my journey to work I have to wear a hi-vis that has my company logo on it, and a lanyard with my picture and company name on. I heavily rely on trains to get me to and from work (I know I live on public transport!)

So I’m at the train station chatting to ex colleagues from my previous job when this stuck-up man approaches me (we will call him SUM, for short)

SUM - “Where are the toilets?”

Me - “I don’t know I don’t work for the trains”

SUM looks me up and down

SUM - “I can see, that now where are the toilets?”

ME - “I still don’t work here I don’t know”

SUM - “Yes you do work here! You work on the platform!”

ME - “I really don’t, I work for (insert ferry company name)”

SUM - “Then why are you wearing the stations uniform?”

ME - “Huh? My uniform has (ferry company name) printed all over it”

SUM looks me up and down again in disgust

SUM - “Whatever lie to me if you must!”

He then walks off and proceeds to ask actual train staff in completely different uniform.

tl;dr - Man assumes because I’m wearing a hi-vis vest that I work for the trains even after inspecting my uniform and refuses to believe me.






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