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From  u/Gamestoreguy  I Don't Work Here Lady:

Today I went to a local shop, some say it rhymes with dome cardwear. I was on the hunt for some parts for my motorcycle, I had a leak so I was in a bit of a rush.

I walked up to the door, and reading a sign that said no backpacks I went inside and brought it to the till. Two gentlemen who were standing outside came in, and noticing the home hardwear shirt on one I walked up and asked where something to stop high pressure leaks might be. The other gentleman took the lead and we began talking.

I needed something that could potentially deal with hot and cold changes rapidly, and I mentioned a product, he said “yep that’ll do!” and he turned to lead me there.

Alas, I had fallen for the meme. I noticed he was wearing a vaguely red shirt, which in fact had a flaming skull on it. It wasn’t even collared or totally red.

I stopped to take his visage in. Middle age, overweight, levi jeans, and a generic dad shirt on that you might expect a Harley rider to wear.

How could I have been so blind! Quickly I stopped, and he looked at me quizzically. “Sorry man!” I said, lest I find my story here in a day. “I didn’t realize you don’t work here!”

He looked at me pointing towards his shirt, and leaned in dramatically; Like an old uncle at a kids birthday party might find himself doing.

“Surprise, I actually DO work here.”











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