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From u/Reset108 Tales From Retail:

Okay, time for another tale from my previous life of working in a grocery store deli.

At the time there were 3 stores of this chain in my city, now there’s 4, but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, so with their being three stores, it wasn’t unusual for someone to call the wrong store to place a catering order from the deli. We were trained to always say our store location when answering calls, to hopefully avoid that.

So one lovely afternoon, we get a gentleman at the counter, saying he’s there to pick up an order that his wife placed earlier in the week.

Problem is, we have no orders scheduled for pickup that day. So we’re scrambling around trying to see if maybe the order got misplaced or something.

Typically when this happens, we politely ask if they’re accidentally at the wrong store.

Angry customer “hell no, I know what store my wife called, this is your fault and I want it fixed now”.

Well there’s no way to prepare a big order on such short notice.
Meanwhile angry man is texting his wife.

He then says “wife tells me the order was taken by someone named Erin”.

Me “sir, theres no Erin in this department”.

There wasn’t an Erin working anywhere in the store, but there was in fact an Erin that worked at location B across town.

So I call location B, Erin answers the phone.

Me “oh hey Erin, it’s xxxxxx over at location A, do you happen to have an order for (whatever the name was).

Erin “yep, it’s ready to go”.

Me “thank you Erin, have a lovely day”.

Turns back to angry customer. “Sir your order is at location B where your wife called and talked to the lovely Erin over there”.

Angry customer goes off on a mini temper tantrum as he’s walking away, but at this point I’m over it and not paying attention.

Best part was, he lodged a complaint to corporate and myself and the others working that day got scolded for “how we handled the situation”.

So glad I don’t work there anymore.














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