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From u/obsidiantron Tales From Retail:

So I just started working at a large grocery store, it’s my first job and I’ve only been there for about a month so I’m still new to everything.

A woman (around 45yo) comes through my till today with about a weeks worth of shopping. I put it all through, help her with her bags and ask if she has a store card (the ones to collect points for store coupons), she says no. Okay cool. I give her the total, she hands me the money and I put it away, close the cash drawer and hand her the change.

Suddenly she pulls out her colleague card (like a store card but you get a discount instead of points if you work in the company) and says “oh actually I do have my card!”. I say “oh great! Unfortunately the payments already gone through but I’m sure if you take it to customer service they can reimburse you.”

I wait, expecting her to leave and go to CS like I suggested, as she stares me down for a minute. She finally spits“well what are you going to do about it? I get money off”. After I calmly tell her again why I can’t do anything and that customer service would be able to help her, she snatched the receipt from my hand (actually catching the skin on one of my fingers fairly badly) and stalked off.

I’m sure I’ll experience worse the longer I work but I’m still trying to learn to not take this stuff personally, writing it out here so I can stop thinking about it and get some sleep.








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