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Monstrous Customers: It's for my Mother!



From  u/JammyThing  Tales From Retail:

This is something that happened a couple of years back but only now decided to share on here.

I has working on the till one day when a middle aged woman came up to me with a trolley. She unloaded all her shopping onto the belt and divided it into two lots. She informed me that the first (larger) lot was for her which she would pay for with her own money. The second (much smaller lot) was for her elderly mother who had given her some money to get her shopping with. I scanned the first lot of shopping and gave her the total, at which point the woman pulled out her purse from her handbag and selected a couple of notes, from the many instead, to pay with.

So far so boring. It wasn't until I gave her the total for the second load of shopping that it got interesting.

Me:- “That comes £xx.xx in total.”

Woman:- “What?! That can't be right!”

Me:- “That's the amount it all comes too...”

Woman:- “This is my mother's shopping and she only gave me £x to get her shopping.”

Me:- “Well I'm sorry but it's a few pound over that amount.”

This is when she really started getting annoyed.

Woman:- “Well she never gave me that much! Can't you just let her off the difference?! It is for my mother!!”

Me:- “Sorry but I can't do that...”

This went on as a little back and forth a couple of times until I remembered the purse full of notes the woman had.

Me:- “...Don't you have anything else you could use to pay with? Any other money you could use or even pay the rest on card?”

Woman :-”NO I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE, THAT'S ALL THE MONEY MY MUM GAVE ME FOR HER SHOPPING!! It's fine! Forget it! I'll guess I'll have to leave a few of her items won't I?! I'll just have to explain to her why she can't have the things she wanted! You make me sick!”

With that I watched as the women left with both, little food for her elderly mum and a full purse.





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