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Monstrous Customers: Keep texting I got it



From u/wazamatte Tales From Retail:

So as I was coming in from outside, I see someone coming from behind me so I hold the door open for him. He doesn’t say thanks or anything.

A few seconds later when he walks by me I say “how’s it going did you need some help?”, he completely ignores me.

Two minutes later he sees me with my phone in my hand and says “don’t worry keep texting I got it”. Keep in mind I work at a small store and this time of year is very slow, there’s only so much to do, and even my boss doesn’t care if I’m on my phone. Not to mention we don’t get breaks, even during our lunch we’re still supposed to help people, which is probably why my boss doesn’t mind us using low periods as little breaks. Idk. I just can't believe he had the nerve to say that. My boss was there so I couldn’t make some smart remark, I just said alrighty then.

Not gonna lie it ruined my day. As if I don’t deal with enough people who cant even acknowledge me, this was just icing on the cake.











"Kthxby, then."

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