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From  u/reallycoollizard  Tales From Retail:

So I have a few different titles at my work and on the weekends I usually do this thing where I sit at the front of the building with a table and sell wristbands to anyone under 18 who are by themselves. (its a stupid rule, since most the people coming in are families and 12 yr olds on dates, who I just feel bad for charging just to let them in) Anyway, I really only check I.D.'s whenever they look like a teenager and I can't really tell how old they are.

So I was checking this young couple's I.Ds and a small family of about 4 came in and an old lady walked in right after, so I just assumed she was with the family.

I tell the family they're good to go in and as they're walking in the old woman wobbles up to my table, leans over it and says "You're not even gonna check my I.D?! You think I'm that old??? Fuck you!" 

Now, WOW I just didn't even know where that came from or why so I was just stunned and the lady kept walking, but for Christ sake the lady had a cane. She was indeed old. :/










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