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All right let me set the scene... The gym where I work has a lovely, large parking lot. There are many spaces, with plenty of spots for everyone, front and back. Down one side of the building is a clearly marked fire road, complete with signs indicating that it is not a place to put your car. Drive-through only, red curbs and lines on the pavement. Yadda yadda yadda.

Naturally, all the entitled yuppies want to park in the front parking lot of my gym, which only hold about 20 cars. They, of course, don't want to park in the rear parking lot and have to walk a few more yards. (You're at a gym for Thrognar's sake! This is the one place you should willingly park far away and WALK!)

Instead, guess where they park instead? If you guessed that they park along the fire road that goes down the side of the building, DING DING DING! You win!

Now the fire road is, of course, meant for only one vehicle.... a fire truck. It is basically a one-way-at-a-time road, so if a vehicle is driving through it to get to the back lot, you run the risk of peeling the side of your car off trying to use the road to go the other way at the same time. (Hint, use the two-way road on the OTHER side of the building, stupid!)

I don't think they could even ram them out of the way because we're talking about a line of maybe 8-10 cars clogging this thing.

We make phone calls regularly, and I often smile, seeing a line of ticketed cars.

The biggest buzzkill? The tickets, somehow, don't seem to be deterring anybody. I guess paying a parking ticket for "special" parking is considered a worthy cost?




I dunno what state you're in, of what the laws are there, but here, the correct response is to call a tow truck. Hell, I can think of a few tow truck drivers who would cheerfully park within sight when they're not busy. And quietly sit there and watch each person walk in, then tow their car without warning. While a coworker takes their spot waiting for the next one.

(One of our stores has issues with an apartment complex next door. We tow and tow and tow, and the morons never learn. The used car lot on the other side *did* learn, though, after one of the owners got into a fist fight with a tow truck driver. *Never* get into a fist fight with a tow truck driver. It won't end well for you.)


Exactly what the previous commenter said. Don't ticket, tow! They are blocking an emergency lane so that needs to be kept clear!

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