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Parking Lot Hell: I said do not park here!!


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From Former McHell Manager:

I just read the story about people parking in the fire road and it reminded me of a recent-ish series of events that took place at my fast food joint. 

My store owns the parking lot it is attached to (or at the very least, it's in our lease, so it's ours to play around with). No other stores in the area control the parking lot. Now, there is a music store right next to us that throws some money at Home Office for the privilege to use our parking lot and we have absolutely zero issues with that. They pay to use the lot, so no big deal. Our issue is with the people on the other side of the Music Store--The Car Rental Company.

The Car Rental place has a TEEEEEENY TINY lot, and as such will often tell customers "Oh just park at *place*, they won't care". Except we do care. They alternate between us and another fast food place a few doors down from us, who also care that they use the parking lot. We HATE when Car Rental tells people that it's okay to park in our lot.

Now I can see the eye rolls from the people who are going "Who cares? It's just a parking lot". Well, see, if something were to happen to the car in our lot, who's liable for it? And also, especially during the winter time, some of these idiots park in stupid places. Our drive thru lane starts WAAAAY in the back corner of the lot, and someone, apparently one year, decided "Oh, I want to be out of the way, so I'm going to park in the farthest corner". And proceeded to place his car right in front of the drive thru entrance, ignoring all of the drive thru signage. 

We have told Car Rental Company over and over again to stop sending people over to park in our lot. We had our lawyers write up a "please do not use our parking lot" letter and send it to Car Rental. They ignored us. Eventually we got signs and put them up around our parking lot saying "Parking is for *fast food place and music place* only". This didn't stop them from still telling people to park in our lot. So we started ticketing/towing. 

Apparently the local towing company we use will not tow unless the car has a parking ticket on it. So we get it ticketed, and then towed. It's towed right  down the street, less than half a mile, if that, so it's easy for the customer to run down and grab their car. Until they see the price they have to pay to get said car. 

I think we had about five people attempt to yell at us for getting their cars ticketed and towed. "Well -I'M- not the one who's going to pay to get my car back!!!" every single person has essentially screamed. We just shrugged, and explained to them that we have told Rental Car Company time and time again to not direct people to park in our lot, and to take it up with them. Eventually a guy from over there came in and said "Hey, instead of calling *local towing company* when you need to get cars towed, just call me and I will get it towed" which we did not listen to. 

They quickly stopped parking in our lot. I'm just wondering how much they had to pay in towing fees on behalf of the customers.

--Former McHell Manager












One of our stores has a used car dealership next door, with no barriers between their fenced in storage area and our lot. The old owners would freely used our lot, especially for cars they have finished prepping after they sold it.

We weren't so patient before just calling the tow truck. They were slow to learn, until one of the owners got into a fist fight with a tow truck driver. *Never* get into a fist fight with a tow truck driver. You won't win.


"Hey, instead of calling *local towing company* when you need to get cars towed, just call me and I will get it towed"

No, that would be us working for you for free. It's much funnier to let you deal with the tow truck guy.

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