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Piggy Customers: Deliberately Destroying Store Property Is A Prison Sentence, Sir


PiggiesFrom XedtheRed

We have a guy that comes in at my parts store that used to throw oil filters on the ground.

I got tired of it one day and walked up behind him with a basket full of the filters he damaged. These were mobil 1 oil filters: as in $12 to $40 dollars each. (The ones for his diesel were $40 each. He opened the seal on 8 of them, got pissed for some reason, and tossed them on the floor, denting them.)

Then he starts messing with a cold air intake kit, and breaks it.

I ring them up while he stands there, getting pissy because "Hes a paying customer and I shouldn't make him wait." He has no idea how devious I am when it comes to my store's overhead.

I look him dead in the face, "You know damages in excess of $500 carries a prison term of 1 to 6 years, correct?"

Him: "Your point?"

Me: "Sir the filters you so nonchalantly chucked onto the floor are 40 bucks each. You damaged 8 of them, and you also damaged a cold air kit."

Him: "Not my fault you stock shitty filters."



Me: "You have two choices: pay for the damaged product, or we call the law."

Him: "You got no proof."

Me: "Sure I do, see those little black squares on the ceiling and on the door frame? Bet you thought those were part of the design motif didn't you?"

His face went whiter than a sheet.

He paid for the items he damaged. I told him if he ever damaged our product again, we would see him behind bars.

Since we called him on his bullshit, he's been nothing but the best customer.

Also helps he had about 5k in warranty items on file that would have been revoked. He would have lost alot more than we did.





Right on! Whoever was supposed to teach this guy not to damage property when he was young really dropped the ball! He is also making other customers who need the filters mad because he is deliberately damaging said filters!

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