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Retail Hell Memories: The Customer is Sometimes Wrong


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From u/SoleInvictus Tales From Retail:

This memory always boils my blood.

About 15 years ago, I was working in a thrift store as the assistant supervisor. The store was poorly managed so assistant supervisor meant I did all the floor work while our understaffed cashiers tried to keep the lines down, but I digress.

We were slammed one night so I went up front and told a nice little old lady, also the next customer in line, that I'd help her at my register. This Joe Dirt looking guy and his lady overheard and zoomed over to my register, beating tottering little granny. I firmly tell them she was next in line and to move back to let her in. They comply without a word.

While I ring up granny, he stares daggers at me as she fake mutters about the lack of customer service. I then ring those two losers up. As they get their items, this clown (the guy) leans over the counter and says "Two things. The customer is always right. First come, first served." I'm flabbergasted. As they start to leave, my coworker whispers to me "What. An. A**hole." Apparently chlorine in your gene pool gives you superhuman hearing: the aforementioned walking sphincter hears him.

He turns around, steps into the register space, grabs my coworker by the shirt, and snarls "Say that to my face." I tell him to leave or I'm calling the police. He shoves my coworker and walks out. We never see him again.







McHell Manager

"It is first come, first served, sir. This lady was already waiting in another line, which means she was here before you"

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